Privacy Policy

Please read the following provisions, as well as the complete Turkey Hill Nation Privacy Policy, carefully to understand how Turkey Hill Dairy collects, uses and discloses personal information from its users, including with respect to the Turkey Hill Nation mobile application ("Application") and ("Website"). By downloading, installing, accessing or using the Application or Website, you approve all actions that we take with respect to your information as detailed in our Privacy Policy and the following provisions.

User Information

Some functionality of the Application or Website, including location-based services and functionality or other technology to enhance the user experience may require the transmission of information provided by the User including names and passwords, addresses, e-mail addresses, phone number, or GPS location ("User Information"). In order to use certain Application and Website functionality, such as location-based services and technology, User must either (a) enable "location services" in the Application/Website; and/or (b) set the permissions in the User's mobile device to allow communication of this information. If the User enables such Application/Website functionality, the User consents to the transmission of User Information to Turkey Hill Dairy and/or its agents, and authorizes Turkey Hill Dairy and/or its agents to process and store such User Information as necessary for the Application/Website functionality and for purposes described in the Turkey Hill Dairy Privacy Policy.

Referral Emails

If you choose to use the Application or the Website functionality that allows you to send Referral messages to people you think may want to join, you must obtain their permission to provide their email address to Turkey Hill Dairy. The referral information will be used by Turkey Hill Dairy for the purpose of contacting them, on your behalf, with information about joining Turkey Hill Nation.

The User is solely responsible for maintenance of the confidentiality and security of any User Information which the User transmitted from or stored on a Device for purposes of the Application/Web.

Email Communications and Push Notifications

If a User signs up for a Turkey Hill Nation account using the Application/Website, the User is by default opted in to receive promotional email communications from Turkey Hill Nation ("Email Communications"). The User may, at the time of sign up, opt out of receiving Email Communications from Turkey Hill Nation. Thereafter, the User may opt out of receiving Email Communications solely by adjusting the User's profile settings in the User's Turkey Hill Nation account via the Application or

Upon download of the Application, the User is provided the choice to opt into receiving push notifications from Turkey Hill Nation on their Device. This may include promotional communications, replies from Turkey Hill Nation, and system messages pushed to the Device ("Push Notifications"). The User may, at any time following download of the Application, opt out of receiving Push Notifications by type by adjusting the "Notifications" switch within the Application settings to "off", or within the Device's settings application under "Notifications" to completely opt out of Push Notifications. Opting out of Push Notifications will not change the status of receiving Email Communications for the User.

Requesting Your Data to be Deleted

Simply visit our Contact Us page to complete the form and request that our team permanently deletes your account. When your account is deleted, all data related to your Turkey Hill Nation account will be permanently deleted. If you deactivate your account yourself by going to the Edit page in the About Me section and then clicking the Deactivate Account link, it will maintain your account information in case you decide to join the Nation again in the future.